Graphic Packaging

Packaging is an art and the reflection of advanced technology of protecting and enfolding goods and products meant for storage, sale or use. The initiation of the art of packaging in CPS is truly a remarkable landmark in the packaging industry as the unrolling of our enterprise has heralded a new beginning for immense opportunities lying dormant so far. CPS is currently among the top rung renowned companies in the world manufacturing unmatched packaging solutions.

CPS has maintained a certain minimum standard in graphic packaging that has propelled its credibility in the market. An efficient team of employees working tirelessly in the backdrop ensure that the demands and requirements of our clients are met with true professionalism. The latest technology put into use including digital printing and graphical implementations have ensured a further boost to our reputation. CPS has gained its fame and name for the reliable products which meet and even better the industrial standards set in the fields of eco-friendliness, reusability and sustainability.

CPS has always promised and equally fulfilled demands while diligently serving the clients with the best of our products and services. Our graphic packaging solutions mingle with the community and the people of a place hence garnering instant laudable sales for our clients.



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